Benefits of using a 7 channel receiver

Benefits of using a 7 channel receiver

Do you have a home theater system that is not being used to its fullest potential? With the right receiver, your system will be able to play HD content from all sorts of sources. The most important thing about receivers is their number of channels – 7 channels are ideal for true surround sound.

A 7 channel receiver is a must-have item for any entertainment system. It can be used to control all of the TV channels and other audio devices in your home theater setup. In addition, it offers HDMI switching so you don’t have to switch cables every time you want to watch something on a different input.

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Types of channels available on a 7 channel receiver

The types of channels available on a 7 channel receiver are dependent upon the programming that is broadcasted to it. The most common channels are:

  • ATSC – is the type of signal used for over-the-air broadcasting in North America.
  • ClearQAM – typically used by cable providers like Comcast or Charter Communications to send digital signals over a coaxial cable line.
  • NTSC – developed in 1941 for black and white televisions but has since been replaced with ATSC as newer color TVs emerged.
  • QAM – stands for “quadrature amplitude modulation” which is the analog signal that carries analog TV signals from your local television station to you as an individual viewer.

According to price and features, there will be more or fewer channels available for viewing. If you have cable TV service at home, then there is no need to worry about this because most providers offer up hundreds of channels that can be accessed through their receivers/set-top boxes. There are also other options like antennae which can pick up free broadcast signals as well as services such as Netflix that allow viewers to watch movies online without any additional fees!

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7 or 5 channel AV receiver

The best receiver for your needs may depend on the features you want and what type of television you have. If your TV has HDMI ports, then a 7-channel system is likely to be enough; however, if it doesn’t, or you don’t know, then it might be worth getting a 5-channel receiver instead.

The 7 channel AV receivers are more expensive than the 5 channel because they provide more features such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio decoding.